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Oakwood Elementary School believes in a safe, supportive, child-centered environment which fosters life-long learning. We believe all students deserve to reach their full potential.  The diverse needs of every learner will be met through continued collaboration with staff, students, and families, as well as through integrating content areas to make connections for all students.


At the Oakwood Elementary School we will be an innovative, child-centered charter school that values educational excellence.  Relationships will be nurtured through collaborative participation of staff, students, families and the community.  Our students will gain and demonstrate the knowledge and character needed to flourish in a changing world.


At Oakwood Elementary School we believe all students can be successful.  

We Value:

Integrity: Honesty, truthfulness, reliability

Candor: Straightforwardness, openness, sincerity

Energy: Vigor, Liveliness, Self Motivation

Passion: Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Excitement


Susan L. Martin, Principal

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