Newsletter - March 2022

Oakwood Elementary School

1225 N. Oakwood Rd. #920-424-0315

Principal:  Mrs. Susan Martin

March 11th

- LAST DAY to order Yearbooks, online only

March 21st-25th

- No School, Spring Break



- Spring Concert, Grades 3-5, Tuesday, April 12th @ 6 pm



**Parents of students in Grades 3-5, PLEASE check their headphones to make sure they are in working order.  They will need them for the upcoming Forward Testing exams (April 4-29th).  THANK YOU!





Class Placement Requests for 2022-2023

Class lists are created with the belief that student needs are best met through heterogeneous/mixed groups that take into consideration such variables as student numbers, gender ratios, student behaviors, and achievement levels.  The services of our special education teachers and other academic specialists also impact a student’s placement.  As a result, requests for classroom placements are usually not necessary.

The talents of our teachers at Oakwood are diverse.  Matching teaching and learning styles requires appropriate knowledge of both the learner and the teacher.  In addition, OASD Board Policy 5120 charges us with the important task of creating balanced classes.  It also includes this statement in the policy: “Parent/guardian request for assignment of students to specific teachers prior to receiving notice of placement will be carefully limited to assure an equal opportunity for all students.”

If parents still would like to submit a request, they must base the request upon a legitimate need of the student.  If a parent has an educational reason to support a classroom placement, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Please submit a Request for Specific Teacher or Class Prior to Assignment form, stating the reasons why such a placement is important for your child's education.  Forms are available in the office or you can fill out electronically here.

  • All requests should be received in the office no later than Friday, April 15th.  No requests received after this date will be honored.

Due to the need to balance classes, distribute learning abilities, place students together in workable groups, and numerous other variables that must be considered, we are unable to guarantee that requests will be honored.  Thank you for your understanding as we move forward to create great learning environments for ALL students!

Wishing you well,


Susan L. Martin - Principal

(920)424-0315  EXT 4502


OASD eAcademy 2022-23 Enrollment Period

The Oshkosh Area School District is pleased to announce the 2022-23 enrollment period for the District’s eAcademy, a fully online school for grades K-12. The enrollment period will take place from March 8 through March 28, 2022, at 3 p.m., which will allow students to enroll in eAcademy for the full 2022-23 school year. For more information the OASD eAcademy program please visit the eAcademy Website at: 

LEARN MORE! The Oshkosh Area School District eAcademy is a fully online school for grades K-12.  eAcademy is partnered with the Wisconsin eSchool Network, which is a collaborative network of online programs throughout the state of Wisconsin. The program has been developed in collaboration with online learning experts and is based on years of research and best practices for excellence in virtual learning. Students who participate in the OASD eAcademy enjoy all the benefits of being an OASD student, including earning an OASD diploma and participating in extracurriculars, while receiving a customized, student-centered education that meets individual educational and social needs. 

CONTACT US! If you are looking for additional information to further assist with your enrollment decision, feel free to reach out to the OASD eAcademy coaches / staff at each level:  

Kim Groth - Elementary -

Melissa Schiek - Elementary -

Jean Framke - Coach West HS -

Jennifer Thede - Coach North HS -

Julie Ruck, SPED Virtual Support Teacher -

Lisa Lieder - Program Coordinator -

Trina Anderson - Principal -




If you feel your child is missing something and you would like to come in and look, these items are now located in an area just outside of the front office.  Please come in at your convenience during school hours.  Thank you!



Hi families and friends,

Our school is participating in a creative fundraiser with Art to Remember that allows you to purchase keepsake products customized with your child's art. There are over 60 products and many are less than $15. These make great gifts and a percentage of every purchase goes right back to our school. Click on the link below and enter the online order code shown on your child's order form or to search for your child's artwork. Then, have fun shopping!

Be sure to also check out the Coordinators Portal for a ton of other great resources, including promotional materials, online order codes, your schedule and deadlines, and order status and details. Simply click on the following link: and enter into the coordinator email address along with your password (or create a password if you are new to the Portal).

We hope these resources will make your program a success.

Patty Brown
Program Coordinator
Art to Remember
(800) 895-8777
Oakwood Elementary (3001)


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Baksteen Valken, the combined team from Traeger (Barakat, Connor, Jacob), ALPs (Freya, Lena, Brody, Auden, Cora), Tipler (Emily), and Oakwood (Caleb) competed in the Wisconsin State FLL Championship on Sunday, February 6, at Madison Area Technical College.

The team gave an impressive presentation of their innovative project, Falcon Fire, and expertly explained their robot design and robot programming.  During the robot competition, the team overcame many hardware obstacles, improving their performance in each round of competition.  We are very proud of how the team worked together and supported each other.

We are excited to share that Baksteen Valken was nominated for the Tournament Champions Award, we received the Innovative Solution Award, and the team is the Wisconsin nominee for the Global Innovation Award competition. The team is also advancing to the international FLL Western Edge Remote Invitational. 

Thank you for supporting these amazing kids!

Coach Amy

Team 16152 Baksteen Valken


The following Wednesdays ALL STUDENTS will be dismissed at 12:30 pm. Make sure your child(ren) knows what their family plan is...parent pick-up or after school care. Parents please plan accordingly on these days.

  • April 13th
  • May 11th




Hats, mittens, scarves, boots, and warm winter coats are essential during the winter months.  Students will be going out for recess if the temperature is above 10 and the windchill is above 0.  Snow pants and boots are required to play on the playground equipment or field. Please label ALL clothing, particularly snow pants.


As we continue to navigate the changes in Covid protocols and recommendations, I would like to point out some important changes to our district Covid protocols that you may not be aware of.

If your student, within the last 24 hours, has experienced the following symptoms above their baseline:



One of the following

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Difficulty breathing

  • New loss of taste or smell

Two or more of the following:

  • Fever of 100.4 degrees or higher 

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • Sore throat

  • Fatigue

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Nausea 

Then we are going to ask that you have them PCR tested for Covid 19 at a testing facility.  The only way to know that the above symptoms are not Covid is to be tested.

The school district does not accept home tests at this time.  You can find testing locations if you Click here or you can call 920-424-0113 to set up an appointment to be tested at our Central office.  We also will ask that you keep your student home until you have the test results and you will need to keep any unvaccinated siblings that attend the OASD home as well.  If the test result is positive, please notify the health office and we will advise you on return-to-school dates for the children. Please be aware that your student’s isolation period will be based on the date you had them tested at a facility testing site (day 0), and not based on symptom onset.  We are following the CDC’s recommendation for shortened quarantine timelines, but in order to be eligible for that, we must have test results from a facility and your student must be symptom-free on Day 5 in order to return on Day 6.  Siblings that are unvaccinated will be given a return date based on ability to quarantine away from the positive case.

The benefits of testing at a facility are: 

  1. If the test is positive, you will have 90 days of presumed immunity, and will not be asked to test during that time and would not need to quarantine or isolate in that time frame for a full isolation or quarantine period.  If you develop symptoms in that time period again, we would ask that you stay home until symptoms have resolved before returning.

  2. If you did a home test (antigen) that was positive and then did a PCR test within 48 hours of the home test, we would use the results of the PCR test, so if the PCR test is negative, then you would not need to quarantine or isolate.

If your student tests negative for Covid at a facility testing site, then all unvaccinated students can return to school and your student that is ill can return when they are feeling significantly better.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Community Flyers and Events

The Oshkosh Area School District invites families to explore all that Oshkosh has to offer. A variety of community events, activities, and resources are available on the District's new Community Links webpage. This listing is updated in real-time so please check back often to stay in the know!

Community Events and Flyers